Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Flaco Da Great Goes To Toronto To Shoot Video For Kulayde

As you know FiyaHouse also shoots videos, so FiyaHouse producer Flaco Da Great heads out to Toronto to shoot a video for Choppa Boy Ent. artist Kulayde. He also brings along a few of his friends from FiyaHouse Eric, Willie, Solo, and Bobby to help out with the dance scenes. You will also see some of the other FiyaHouse team like director Edgar Marrera, and DP Matt Workman. Toronto was a real cold place Flaco says, but still enjoyed what they had to offer, many sites and fun times with friends and teammates. Enjoy this blog

Checkout the pics of behind the scenes at www.dianalevine.com/setphotos/kulayde/

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  1. Nice hun I see u! Keep doin what you does cuz u do it very well!