Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FiyaHouse Producer Money Miles 2010 Commercial and Radio Reel

As you know FiyaHouse is more then just Hip-Hop an R&B. We would like to let you experience our versatility. Here is FiyaHouse producer Money Miles's commercial reel. He has worked with many companies as such as McDonald's, Mazda, Hunts, and Pam to name a few - Including the award winning Unicef commercial. From sound designing and mixing, you will see his work from this blog.

FiyaHouse Producer Money Miles Commercials can be heard on radio all across the country. Stations like La Mega and La Kalle in New York and in Miami El Zol and La Kalle in Miami.Here are some radio spots from Bud Light, Amway Global, and McDonald's that he has composed.

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