Saturday, February 22, 2014

Flaco Da Great "Welcome Back" Post

It's been a while since i been on here. I felt like i had to come back and show my progression as a business man, musician and producer. So much has happen from moving to California to working with Mase (yes Mase from Bad Boy). Its all been a blessing really.

There is so much more to come as i keep working and networking. I realized what's the point of working so hard if i can't share the great times and the struggle with my fans and friends that has been there. All these social networks made it difficult to get back to blogging but i promise to keep everyone updated as best as i can with new music, projects and even opportunities for upcoming artist.

Checkout this new project i am working on with a graphic artist. There are so many opportunities out there for musicians that aren't just rapping and singing. Get out and chase your dreams. You might get a million no's but one yes can change your life. With that being said checkout this clip and please give feedback. Thank you


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